When is the right time to paint a house?

Are you thinking about the right time to paint a house? The painting of a house, in order to have a professional result and to withstand the color in the wear and tear of time, it is good to do them in the summer months. Many people try to paint their houses during the winter months and are exposed to severe weather (high humidity and heavy rains). Painting in May or June, reduces the chances of extreme weather events and failures in the oil painting of the house.

How often should we paint the house?

In addition to the right time to paint a house, the frequency of painting is also very important. The frequency has not so much to do with aesthetics but with hygiene conditions. Specialized Gikas painters recommend 5 years, as the ideal period to renew the color on interior and exterior walls.

But how often should we paint the house if it has a humidity problem? Many homes have a problem with moisture leaving marks on their walls in winter, especially in New Jersey. In these cases, Gikas painting is necessary every summer, when the humidity is low.

Of course, the best insulation may give you a more definitive solution than painting.

What should you pay attention to when painting the walls?

1. Choose quality colors

Certified ecological paints are the best choice to have perfect coverage and at the same time antimicrobial action. As attractive as the cheap paints are, in the long run the quality varnishes will last. Moisture and rain are the main enemies of paint on walls. Certified paints have antimicrobial and anti-mildew properties. Thus, they rarely show traces of mold.

2. Ventilate the space

It is very important that the space is ventilated after painting, so that the paint dries well and does not make water. Apart from that, the areas of the house must be ventilated daily so that moisture does not create on the walls. If you open the balcony doors of your house for two hours every day, the durability of the colors on the walls will increase and the next painting will be delayed.

3. Thoroughly clean the walls

Proper cleaning of the walls is done with a solution of bleach in water. Take a duster and clean the walls with this solution. This process will remove germs that grow on the walls (e.g mold). At the same time, a healthy living environment is created that protects the colors from the corrosion caused by the germs.

4. Notice the big changes in colors

If the walls are dark and you choose a dark shade, it is very likely that you will need three or even four passages. On light-colored walls, two passages are usually enough to get the result you want. Before you start painting the house, choose color combinations that will easily come out on your walls. Consult a specialized Gikas painter to make the right decision.

Now that you know when is the right time to paint a house, or repair the roofing whenever we need to paint the house, but also how to maintain the quality of the paint on the walls, you can start the work. Painting the house, whatever the season, can be difficult as two coats are not enough for so many surfaces.

If your friends abandon you in this endeavor, our Gikas Painting Painters will take action! Choose between evaluated and experienced professionals and very soon you will have the house of your dreams!

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