6 beauty tips for summer

As summer is almost here, every woman needs to take care of her face and body. In summer, even if we are on vacation or not, the weather can be dry and hot and the sun is up for many hours. Therefore, if you won’t take good care of your skin, the results could be harmful for your body. But let’s get into the beauty tips.

Limited sun exposure

We know that most  women love to be out at the sun to get a more chocolate skin colour, but it is better to avoid it. Every human being, needs 10 to 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure per day, just to get all the vitamin D they need, to avoid getting sick during winter.

Limit your general sun exposure as much as you can. In addition, try to never leave the house without sunscreen and skip sunbathing as the sunlight can be quite harmful for you and your skin.

Plenty of water

Water is key to a healthy and glowy skin, and not only during summer, but all year long. The summer heat can dehydrate you pretty easily and this  will be obvious to your skin as well. Drink a lot of water in your vacation and try to avoid sodas as they won’t hydrate your body.

DIY masks

What better time to star diy-ing rather than summer? Creating your own face masks is a great thing, as you can incorporate as many ingredients as you like to fulfil your skin’s needs. Plus, if you run out of store-bought masks while on vacation, you can just find yoghurt and honey and get a perfect smooth face.


You need to keep your body moisturised not only on the inside but on your outside as well. The perfect time to do it during summer, is right after you get out of the shower. Make sure to use a lotion or an oil for better results.

Less makeup

What is summer if you keep adding layers of makeup on your skin? Let your skin breathe and try to keep it bare and glowy. Just add some bronzer and lip balm and maybe touch up your brows. Heavy makeup will not stay on your face with the extensive heat of summer anyway!

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is key for a healthy skin as well. If you stop eating junk food and start eating clean, your body will show signs of clear and soft skin, let alone you will say goodbye to break-outs and irritation. Adding vitamins to your everyday meals will do wonders for your skin. And don’t forget your water!


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